Leah Hearle

Speciality: Osteopath

Sub-speciality: Medical Acupuncture

Special Interests: Sports Medicine


Isokinetic, Harley Street, London

Leah Hearle


Leah Hearle has a Master’s in Sports Medicine and is a registered Osteopath and Medical acupuncturist. She works as part of the Isokinetic team, a FIFA medical centre in Harley Street

Leah started her career working in sports on the touchline with a rugby team. She has also been on international tours as part of sports teams and be involved with many sports, including Netball and Football.

She has also worked on location for films, being involved with big motion pictures helping actors when performing stunts.

Leah is also part of the medical team at the London Triathlon as well as other sporting events and marathons.

Research and areas of interests

  • Injury prevention
  • ACL reconstruction and rehabilitation
  • Dance and football medicine
  • Ankle and lower extremity biomechanics
  • TMJ and relation to pelvis, the effects of mandible occlusion and pelvic symmetry
  • Biomechanics and the role in functional stability and strength
  • Hip and groin injuries
  • Work ergonomics
  • Health and lifestyle

Contact Me


Isokinetic London

11 Harley St
London W1G 9PF

Telephone: 020 7486 5733
Mobile: 07540 585198